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So You Want to Follow Me on Twitter

I’ve created a page with information on what to expect when people follow me (or are considering following me) on Twitter. People are reaching my Twitter profile without necessarily having been long time blog readers or knowing me personally, so I thought it would be helpful to post this information somewhere. [Read]


I just started playing WarBook the other day. WarBook is a Facebook application in which you create a hero, select what type of hero it will be (character class), and build a kingdom and army to conquer other lands. You can set up trade agreements with other players, but your character class limits how many agreements you can have. You…

Web 2.0 Overdose

A real post to come later tonight after work, honest. For now, I have several oh-so cutting-edge Web 2.0 things to share. 1) I am on Twitter. Updated with the minutiae of my life, when I remember. Not that anyone cares, but in case you’re bored. 2) I have a tumblelog on Tumblr. There isn’t anything there yet. Whatever random…