I just started playing WarBook the other day. WarBook is a Facebook application in which you create a hero, select what type of hero it will be (character class), and build a kingdom and army to conquer other lands. You can set up trade agreements with other players, but your character class limits how many agreements you can have. You can also join an alliance/guild, which is composed of a number of different kingdoms/players.

As you can imagine, WarBook is rife with griefing. People who are more than twice your level will regularly bombard you with attacks because you’re an easy mark. Knowing this, I decided to make my Hero a Visionary, the defensive character class. The Visionary has a 25% reduction in casualties when attacked by an enemy kingdom, and it is 25% cheaper for the Visionary to acquire new lands when compared with the costs for other character classes. So, if I lose lands to an invading force, I can recover those lands a lot cheaper than other classes. Each class has an Elite warrior type, and the Visionary’s Elite has the highest defensive score compared to other classes’ Elites.

My kingdom has been attacked on a daily basis pretty much since Level 2. One particular Level 5 Magician has been pummeling me with multiple attacks per day since I hit Level 2, but I’ve been able to withstand the onslaught. However, since my attack score is weak, I haven’t been retaliating. I want to level up a bit more so I can be sure any attack on this fool will be painful.

If you’re on Facebook and would like some diversion during the day, check it out. If you’re one of my Facebook friends, please send me a message so I can send you a WarBook invitation, cos then my kingdom gets gold for inviting you. *grins*

EDIT: So apparently there might be level restrictions on attacking rival kingdoms now. I asked a higher level friend of mine to attack this guy, and he couldn’t attack.

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