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First Look at World of Darkness MMO Game

Four years ago, White Wolf and CCP announced that they would bring the World of Darkness into the online world. Yesterday, at the Grande Masquerade, an official White Wolf fan gathering in New Orleans, they unveiled the first glimpse of the Wold of Darkness MMO game via a trailer. Naturally, World of Darkness, much like the Mind’s Eye Theatre LARP…

2009 in Review

I haven’t been in the habit of doing year-in-review posts, so why not do one? Looking back at the blog, I’ve drifted away from the continuous navel-gazing of play experiences, towards lengthier, more thoughtful, and less frequent posts. Over the past few years, I’ve also refrained from re-posting or frequently commenting on gaming news, which has also slowed the rate…

World of Darkness MMORPG in the Works

From Gamasutra: EVE OnlinePC MMO creator CCP, based in Iceland, has announced a merger with U.S. paper-gaming firm White Wolf, the world’s second largest role-playing publisher, revealing intentions to build a World Of Darkness MMO. As a former member of The Camarilla, this is exciting news. I could totally get into a Vampire MMORPG. Whee vampires! [White Wolf press release]