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Hori DS Lite Silicone Skin

I got a new silicone skin for my DS Lite last summer, but I didn’t post pictures of it. I was getting a little bored of the blue silicone skin which I’d had on my DS for over two years (at the time). I wanted a different colour, so I chose pink. This skin was made by Hori. [Play-Asia]

PDA Panache DS Lite Pro Stylus

I have been using the standard DS Lite stylus that came with my portable console for over two years. I decided to get a new stylus, but not just any stylus — oh no! I bought the PDA Panache Pro Stylus upgrade for the Nintendo DS Lite (also available for the original DS). The main thing that differentiates this stylus…

DS Lite Skins

If you are looking for a simple way to protect your beautiful DS Lite from dirt and scratches or to make your DS Lite stand out from the iPod-sameness of the other DS Lites out there, DecalGirl has some sweet Nintendo DS Lite skins: Our new skins for the DS Lite work flawlessly with the intricate curves and controls on…

Cracked Resolve

I got my DS Lite in yesterday. I am weak. EDIT: Oh yes. And I was able to return the other (non-Lite) DS for a full refund. It was part of a bundle package, and I never received one of the three parts of said bundle. Yay!