Summer Mobile Gaming

It’s happened. I have so little time these days (Summer is always the busiest time of year for me) that most of my gaming is done on mobile devices such as my iPad and Android phone (Did I mention I have a shiny new LG G2x Android phone? Well, I do!). My DS Lite? Gathering dust, I’m afraid.

I’m still playing Trade Nations and Zombie Cafe on the iPad and I have just added Tiny Tower to the mix. These are all so-called casual sim games that don’t require a lot of time commitment, but which you can play for extended periods of time if you wish. In fact, I know that many people actually have hardcore play styles when playing these ‘casual’ games. I was looking at the Zombie Cafe wiki on to see which zombies are optimum for raids on other cafes, which zombies get the best tips, and which have the best defence, and I saw this hardcore microcosm of gamers despite the fact that the game is a casual one. The Tiny Tower leaderboards also bear this out. The highest ranked person has a tower with over 400 floors! I have only 21 floors currently.

The current flavour of the month for me is the brand new, super cute and super addictive Tiny Tower, an iOS sim game in which you build a city-in-a-skyscraper filled with cute pixel people. It operates on a freemium pricing structure, and one which is far more generous than the other two games I mentioned above, because Tiny Tower allows you to earn their microtransactions currency via normal game play at a comparatively much faster rate. I’m having a lot of fun with it.

I’ve re-installed all fourĀ Choice of games on my mobile due to the impending arrival of the sequel to Choice of Romance, which I am seriously looking forward to. If you haven’t played any of the Choices of series of text adventure games, I highly recommend them. Check out the developer’s website or you can read my review of Choice of the Dragon, the first game they created.

I’m going to be out and about for the holiday weekend, so I’m looking forward to short bursts of mobile gaming in between all the other activities.

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