Sony Brings E3 Home

Sony Booth in PlayStation®Home

These days, Sony is all about using PlayStation Home as much as possible to promote this that and the other product or event. This year, users could visit Sony’s E3 booth in PlayStation Home. One of the reasons I continue to check in on Home is to see how Sony and other companies are using the space.

Like many Home spaces, Sony’s virtual E3 booth allows users to view trailers for some of their top tier games like Little Big Planet. If you viewed all seven available trailers, you gained access to the VIP area of the booth—where you could obtain special E3 2010 items for your avatar.

Sony Booth in PlayStation®Home - Front

This screen shot above is the view that greets the visitor upon loading into this space. Most of those monitor stands are for show, however a large screen to the right of that big PS3 sign played trailers and promo reels for games and new products like the PlayStation Move.

Sony Booth in PlayStation®Home - Rear

This shot shows the booth from the rear. The gaming stations on display here are mostly non-interactive, though some of them will allow you to view trailers. The alcoves on the right display promotional images, and one of them contains a trailer.

Sony Booth in PlayStation®Home - Above

This last screen shot is taken from the VIP section on the upper level of the booth, and shows the rest of the booth down below. In the VIP section, there were more promotional displays as well as more opportunities to watch trailers. Something that I think is really cool about a lot of these Home spaces are all the little details. In the foreground of this shot, you can see E3 branded coffee cups and brochures scattered on the table.

Upon my first visit to the VIP section, I received a pair of E3 goggles for my avatar. They’re bulky opaque sunglasses on which TV static scrolls. Not very attractive. When I visited the VIP section a second time, I was rewarded with an E3 outfit. Again, it’s not something I’d have my avatar wear, because she already has a cool Alien costume. However, I believe this E3 outfit is pretty popular with people because it features a unique lighting effect that you get, for the most part, on purchasable attire. The outfit is basically a black Tron-like suit, with aqua blue pulsing lights coursing along stripes on the costume, and the E3 logo on the front and the back of the costume. You can take a look at that costume, as well as an official video about the virtual booth, at the YourWorldInHome site.

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