Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne

Map of Ferelden

Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne, by David Gaider, is a novel set a generation before the events that take place in the videogame, Dragon Age: Origins. The nation of Ferelden is ruled by Orlesian usurpers and the royal family has been on the run for many years. After the death of Queen Moira Theirin, Maric Theirin becomes leader of the rebels, fighting to regain control of Ferelden, with friends Loghain Mac Tir and Rowan Guerrin.

One of the things that immediately interested me about the book was that it gives the reader a glimpse into the younger years of Loghain, a prominent character that we meet early on in Dragon Age: Origins. Whilst the book focuses on Maric, we do get an idea of why Loghain in the game is such a severe and brutally practical man.

Another thing I really liked about Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne was the interplay between Maric, Loghain, Rowan, and a key character that turns up later in the novel. These characters, and in particular, the latter, have a profound and lasting impact upon Maric.

In keeping with the the atmosphere of the Dragon Age world, The Stolen Throne is pretty dark. I don’t want to spoil the book for anyone, so I’ll just say that if you enjoy stories where no one is ever perfectly happy, then this might be a good one to check out. However, I would also note that this book is best appreciated by Dragon Age fans. If you’ve no interest in Dragon Age, just skip it, because you can find other fantasy books that are probably better. But if you want to find out more about how the Ferelden in Dragon Age: Origins was shaped from the perspective of one of its key historical figures, then this book might be worth looking into.