Cost of PC Gaming Versus Console Gaming


I stumbled across this interesting post which compares the cost of PC gaming and the cost of console gaming. In it, the author specs out a PC rig that delivers a similar high-quality gaming experience as the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

I don’t have loyalty to any one platform; I’ll game on just about anything. I will say that it’s far more comfortable to game from my sofa than at my computer desk.

The PC I built almost five years ago with the help of a friend is barely chugging along, and generally not reliable for much. One thing that I dislike, in the aftermath of building my own PC, is the troubleshooting. Perhaps if I was more technically-minded and if I had more patience for having to constantly Google search for help when something went wrong, it would be fine. I mostly just find it irritating.

I’m using a laptop as my primary computing machine at home. I bought it a year after I built my PC, and it’s still holding up very well. I bought it from an online store, after choosing the specs I wanted. I took advantage of warranty repair service twice before it ran out. It was a relief not to have to do any of that myself.

The next time I’m in the market for a gaming PC, I’m just going to buy something off the shelf with a decent warranty. It’ll cost a bit more, but to me, it’s worth it because I think it will save me headaches in the long run.

The entire cost exercise was interesting to me because it’s been such a long while since I kept abreast of the latest PC gaming standards. Predictably, the article concluded that building your own PC will cost you less than purchasing a console, however not by that much.

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