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I mentioned on Twitter last week that people use interesting and funny key word and question searches to reach my blog. I’m going to share the amusement with you and attempt to provide some of the answers people are searching for. All spelling errors are intact.

how to have romentic relations on dragon age origins

  • For the most part, you do this the old-fashioned way: by getting to know the other characters in your party. This involves having several conversations with them over a span of time.

how do you know that two characters have had sex in dragon age origins

  • The cut scene with heavily implied sex was too vague for you? Characters answering in the affirmative when you ask them to go to bed with you was also too vague? Come on. This is an M-rated game. You’re not going to get sex depicted explicitly in an M-rated game. Just use your imagination.

dragon blood origins how do i choose my character’s sexual orientation

  • There is no option explicitly choose this at character creation. Your character’s sexual orientation is what it is, and they would interact with other characters as if they have that sexual orientation. Kind of like real life.

dragon age to romance do you have to be the opposite sex?

  • No, and that is really cool, huh?

dragon age possible sex partners

  • I provided a nice little outline of the romance options at the post linked here.

dragon age origins love choices

  • Cute choice of words. See answer to previous question.

dragon age homosexual romances

  • Technically, as there are no homosexual characters in Dragon Age: Origins, this means that there is no possibility of homosexual romance. You can, however, have same-sex romances.
  • Is a same-sex romance between someone who is bisexual and someone who is homosexual considered a homosexual romance? My personal opinion is that it is not. Why? Because it completely erases the sexuality of the bisexual individual and privileges the sexuality of the homosexual individual. It denies the complexity of sexuality and the reality that sexuality is not black and white.

dragon age origins can i do the romance if im a mage

  • Yes. Mages deserve love, too!

dragon age origins how far do i have to make my parties happyness to have sex with them

  • It depends on who you want to get involved with. Each one has different wants and expectations.

dragon age romance both leiliana and alistair

  • No, I don’t believe you can. I think both of them force a choice, however I haven’t tested this out.

can i be romantic with more than one person dragon age

  • Maybe if your choices are Zevran and someone else. I’m not sure.

dragon age, can a female character have a relationship with another female

  • Yes, but only if the women involved are your character and Leliana.
  • This was an extremely common search term to get to my blog, with several different variations on the same theme.

dragon age origins hints on making leliana lesbian

  • You can’t “make” Leliana a lesbian. Leliana is bisexual. Leliana is the way she is.
  • What a gross way to phrase this question. From what I can tell, each of the NPCs with whom your character can have a romance is hard-wired in terms of their sexual orientation. Therefore you cannot “make” Leliana into a lesbian anymore than you could “make” Alistair into a gay man. Kind of like real life, in that you can’t force people to be gay or heterosexual or whatever sexual orientation you would like that person to be.

leliana lesbian

  • For the last time, Leliana is bisexual!
  • Though to be fair, Leliana does read as if she is homosexual. I don’t blame people for thinking she’s a lesbian. However, the reality is that male player-characters do have the option of romancing her, regardless of how much disdain or contempt (as mild as it is) she expresses about men.

how to make morrigan have sex with you in dragon age origins

  • This question was phrased in a really disgusting way. You can’t “make” Morrigan or any other NPC have sex with you. This isn’t a rape game. Your character has to talk to Morrigan or any of the eligible NPCs, get to know them, and generally be nice to them—for example, by giving them gifts. At that point, those characters might like your character, and then they might be receptive to your character’s advances.

is morrigan a romantic option in dragon age origins

  • Yes.

dragon age will morrigan have sex with a female character?

  • No. Even if you give her gifts, do quests for her, be nice to her, be mean to her—Morrigan will never return the affections of a female character.

dragon age origins female character romance morrigan

  • No. Morrigan isn’t interested in women.

dragon age origins morrigan lesbian

  • No, but I wish.

morrigan bisexual

  • Again—no, but oh how I wish!

dragon age ralationship with morrigan as a female

  • By the Maker, no! You can’t! I’m as disappointed as you are!

dragon age origins romance options morrigan same sex

  • One would think that players are interested in having a same-sex romance with Morrigan.

wanted a same-sex option for alistair

  • Yeah, me, too!

male male alistair romance

  • That would be nice.

alistair dragon age bisexual

  • Sadly, Alistair is only interested in women.

zevran alistair slash

  • How neat would that be? Let me know if you find some!

leliana or zevran

  • Leliana! She’s so cute!

can’t get leliana to talk about her past

  • You’re asking the wrong questions, not talking to her enough, it may not be the right time to do so, or perhaps you are being an asshole to her.

i am romantic with leliana but i can’t sleep with her

  • It’s probably because she doesn’t like you enough, you jerk.

dragon age orgins how to make alaster happy

  • He seems to like magical artefacts as gifts. I’ve also had decent results through plying him with alcohol. You should refer to your Codex and see whether there’s new information after you’ve given them presents.

the song play while they are having sex in dragon age origin

  • No idea, but it’s pretty romantic, huh?

dragonlance movie sucked

mirror’s edge what race is faith

  • Faith is Asian, her accent is American, but her ethnicity is unknown.

cooking guide cant decide differences eu us version

  • The main differences are the units of measurement, with the US using the Imperial system and the EU using the metric system. The names of the dishes also differ between Personal Trainer: Cooking and Cooking Guide: Can’t Decide What to Eat? The US version (Personal Trainer) usually provides descriptive names of dishes in English, whereas the EU version (Cooking Guide) usually gives you the name of the dish in its native language.

how much clothes should i bring to a 2 week holiday to japan in winter

  • Depends on what you’re going to be doing in Japan. If you’re just going to be touring around and don’t intend to go anywhere too fancy, you probably wouldn’t need as much as if you planned to go to expensive nightclubs and whatnot. You would also have to take into account whether you’d be able to do laundry whilst there. I was able to get by with a few pairs of trousers, several shirts, a few under shirts, a couple of thermals for the cold weather, a fleece, a scarf, a thin jacket, and a thick jacket. And of course, several pairs of underwear and socks.

chloe frazer nationality

  • I don’t believe this is stated in UNCHARTED 2. She appears to be a woman of colour, however this is uncertain. Claudia Black, the actor who plays Chlole Frazier, is Australian, but spent a lot of time living in the UK, which means her accent is a mix. Supposedly, many British people believe she has a British accent of some kind, and many Australians believe she has an Aussie accent. When I first heard her accent, I thought it was British, however after a while, I could hear the Australian influence.

I’ll spare you all the weird, and quite frankly gross and disgusting, keyword searches people use to reach Acid for Blood. I’ll just say that there are a lot of very disturbed people out there.

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