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I left my job at Xfire last month to work at a company that I couldn’t speak of until today. It was my first day on the job as a Community Manager for Guild Wars. How cool is it that I’ve been writing about the game as a player and now I’m working at ArenaNet? Pretty damn cool, I must say.

I relocated from California to Washington last week, and the move and associated stresses have left me exhausted, a bit sleep-deprived, and not inclined to play games, so I don’t have any updates on that front. Oh yeah, I played the hell out of Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, and I’m looking forward to Puzzle Quest: Galactrix.

I tried to troubleshoot my computer yesterday to no avail. I’m going to try one more thing this week and if that doesn’t work, I’ll have to reinstall Windows. I’m irked that I’ll be losing all those Guild Wars screen shots that I haven’t saved somewhere on the web yet. Also, my save game files for Portal and The Longest Journey. Doh. Must back up more often.

Right now I am not sure whether I will continue to write about Guild Wars here or not.

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