Filthy Hobbitses

About a month ago, I was seriously considering getting back into World of Warcraft. Even though there are so many things I dislike about the game, most of which stemmed from being on a PvP server, there are also many things that I like about it. I stopped playing almost a year ago, but I was never very hardcore. My Warlock only got up to level 34, and although I desperately wanted my Felsteed (the level 40 mount) so I could ride about on this demonic black horse with flaming eyes and hooves, getting ganked so often ticked me off to no end. The plan for getting back into WOW would have involved transfering my Human Warlock to a PvE (“Normal”) server getting her the mount, then creating an Undead (or Blood Elf) Warlock and having the Horde character as my main. I have never liked the Alliance. The only reason I had a Human character was because the people I was playing with a year ago were Alliance, so I never got to play the character I truly wanted to play. However, monthly subscription fees deter me from starting up the game again unless I know I can devote a lot of time to it.

A friend has recently given me access to his spare/unused Founder’s account on Lord of the Rings Online. I played in the LOTRO beta earlier this year, and I liked the game. The level of grind, to me, seemed to be similar to WOW, but it was more palatable. In LOTRO, at least you earn titles for all the grinding you do. I created an Elf Loremaster on the server. I really liked the class when I played. The plan as of now is to hang about Middle Earth for a while, as well as hang around Tyria (Guild Wars).

The Bonus Mission Pack in Guild Wars came out last week, and I haven’t had a spare moment to play it yet. Shocking for a Guild Wars Super Fan, I know! I do still have Portal to finish, and I’m not sure how long I can fend off spoilers at work. I’m just so busy these days!

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