The Week in Not-Blogging and Gaming

I’ve been quite busy over the past week. I have some new responsibilities at work, a new flatmate (my generally non-gaming brother), and a friend is visiting for a spell. All activities related to these have supplanted blogging, and to some extent, keeping up with gaming news and gaming. As usual, I do try to keep current on the blog-reading, though the commenting may be light. I am posting this to make sure you internet people don’t think I’ve simply vanished. Maybe I’ll have something with more substance soon.

Computer Update

No progress. I’m afraid to turn it off in the event that it never again starts up. I haven’t made any time to deal with it. Will try to get to it this week. Maybe? Need CD-Rs.

Gaming Update

Played Guild Wars yesterday. Made decent progress in Nightfall with my Paragon. I looked at the list of Paragon Elite Skills and again came away disappointed with how situationally specific most of them are. I’m continuing to keep the faith, though. I like my Paragon. I’ll just try and make the most of them.

Created another Guild Wars character. I didn’t want to take my Prophecies Mesmer out of Pre-Searing, but I’ve always wanted to play a Mesmer Primary. Created a Nightfall Mesmer. Spent an irritatingly long time deciding upon her first name, as per usual.

All nine character slots in my Guild Wars account are now filled. I don’t delete the unused characters for various reasons, mainly birthday-related. I will revisit this policy after the respective characters reach their anniversary dates. My first Guild Wars character, my Necromancer/Mesmer, will turn two next month. I’m excited.

A couple months ago, I said that I was aiming to become all “hardcore” and play as much as possible so I could actually progress in Nightfall and the other campaigns. This hasn’t quite worked out, because there’s like, this pesky world outside games that I’ve had to deal with. Weekends are generally when I can devote quite a lot of time to gaming, but my weekends have been kept pretty full over the past few weeks. This coming weekend is no exception, with all-day outings to Santa Cruz and San Francisco planned. Weeknights are generally filled with light gaming (my house guest is playing Odin Sphere, and I engage in the classic past time of watching the story unfold as someone else does all the ‘work’), errand-running, life administration (e.g. bills, cleaning, etc.), and sometimes social engagements.

A colleague has a DDR machine in his flat. Went there after work last week to play. Was cool. He has just about every single DDR mix ever. I’m so out of practice. I was fairly worn out and just settled on playing arcade games. He has an arcade cabinet crammed with them. Beat the Aliens vs. Predator arcade game, which was so awesome.

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