Priceless quote from a commenter on a recent Joystiq post about Gaymer.org (emphasis mine):

I’m sick of hearing about gay gamers and female gamers. When 90% of their audience is straight men, why would any developer care about any of you? I know that trying to segregate yourselves is a lame attempt at getting a bit of love from devs, but it’s not going to happen. Oh sure, some indie game company is going to come along and throw a gay romance and whatever it is that women like in there games, into one of their games, and their sales will see a spike from what they’d have been without, but will you ever see Mario having homosexual relations with another man (like Toad)? No. And if you ever did, I’d be willing to give up gaming right then and there. So here is a bit of a reality check from me to you; You are not special, you aren’t entitled to anything, and you really need to just STFU and GTFO.

  1. If he’s going to quit playing videogames just because Mario and Toad get into a relationship, then gaming culture as a whole will probably be better off without him. How childish.
  2.  Someone seems to be a little over-protective of their heterosexual male gamer “club”. He’s assuming that 90% of the gaming market is composed of straight males, but that’s just not true, at least for the male bit of his assertion. Attitudes like this alienate many gamers who aren’t male and who aren’t heterosexual. It’s just embarrassing behaviour. And people like him wonder why LGBT gamers and women gamers have formed their own online communities when they get treated this way on general gaming sites? Also, he’s telling us to “STFU and GTFO”. Who is being unwelcoming to whom?
  3. LGBT gamers and women gamers don’t want special treatment. They want to be treated without the kind of hatred and venom displayed there. The idea that some people have to speak out or even fight in order to be treated with respect is completely foreign to this person, thus he regards it as people seeking special treatment.
  4. The comments to the post, as a whole, are actually pretty tame as far as homophobia goes.  I’m not excusing it, of course, I’m just saying that I’ve seen a lot worse. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.


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