Completed Warrior Kurzick 15k Armour

The other day I completed my Warrior’s Ascended Kurzick armour set:

Yellow Warrior Kurzick Ascended Armour
This is a prestige armour set from Guild Wars Factions. Each piece costs 15 platinum (15 000 gold pieces, or commonly: 15k). Total cost: 75 000 gold pieces, plus the cost of Crafting Materials. The golden parts of the armour had been dyed with Yellow Dye. I’ve been working on completing this set for several months. I’ve just been playing casually, so it took me a while to get everything together.

I recently got a basic set of max-level Elonian armour for my Paragon:

Yellow Paragon Elonian Armour
Since this is just the basic set, each piece was just 1 platinum (1 000 gold), plus crafting materials. The golden parts had been dyed with Yellow Dye. I am planning on getting him the Primeval armour set, an Ascended armour set. This is 15k per piece as well. The total cost should be 60k plus the cost of materials, since the Elonian crest (the headpiece) does not have a Primeval version.

The Acended armour sets have the same functionality as the basic sets. The only difference is the appearance, and the (very high) cost.

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