X-Strikes the Spot

Last week’s The Escapist highlighted the link between videogames and cinema. One of the articles spotlighted a group of videogame film makers, X-Strike Studios.

I first discovered X-Strike Studio’s films at the 2004 Mid-Atlantic Gaming Festival (MAGFest), where they premiered their (then) latest film, Silent Horror. Silent Horror is a comedy film based upon survival horror videogames. Anyone familiar with the conventions of the genre would get a good laugh from the film.

The X-Strike Studios creative team, including its actors, regularly visit anime and gaming conventions on the East Coast (not sure about the West). These folks are real videogame fans and it shows.

Their latest film is Low Budget Espionage – Project: Snake, based upon Metal Gear Solid.

If you want to see videogame films “done right” (the opposite of Uwe Boll), I highly encourage you to check out X-Strike Studio’s projects.