No flOw

Doh. flOw, or to be more accurate, Macromedia Flash, crashed my browser. Stupid slow work computer.

My little creature had all these segments and stuff sticking out of it as well, and I was at the point where the water (?) is murky and black. Just when I was attacking a bunch of other creatures as well. Typical. :P The objective is to dive, eat, and evolve. Pretty simple, really, but challenging and fun.

If I could get away with playing Cloud at work, I’d be playing that as well. You’re a flying… Child? God? I’m not sure. You fly around and you muck about with clouds. You gather them, purify them, make bigger ones, have your clouds fight with other clouds to make storms…

I’d heard about both of these games sometime last year, but didn’t blog about it. Anyhoo, it’s a slow period at the moment, and I don’t feel inclined to work too hard. Hm, let’s check Bloglines again.

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