Cerise Magazine Launches

The first issue of Cerise, an online magazine dedicated to electronic and non-electronic games, is now up. Cerise is a feminist (Is that still a “bad” word?) publication focused on gender issues in games and games culture. It was created by women gamers, with the intended audience being primarily women gamers. Although the focus is on gender, they have a policy of inclusiveness, so issues that affect other traditionally underrepresented groups in games culture, such as members of the LGBT community, people with disabilities, etc. will likely see discussion as well. They have an open submissions policy, and are accepting articles for the next issue.

Cerise is a publication of Iris, a gaming community for people interested in discussing and exploring gender and other issues. Since its launch in March, the Iris forums have seen discussion on a variety of topics related not only to gender, but also sexuality, sexual orientation, race, class, disabilities, and more. If you’re interested in discussing these issues or learning more about issues important to underrepresented members of the gaming community, check out the forums. I’m a moderator there. Please play nicely. :)

There are many communities around that have been created as welcoming spaces for women gamers, free of the immature and (frankly) alienating bullshit that tends to pop up with alarming (and disappointing) regularity in many gaming communities. Why do we need another community for women gamers? One could ask the same question of gaming communities as a whole. Why do we need so many of those? Why not just have a few large gaming communities on the internet. Where’s the fun in that? Women gamers, like men gamers, have diverse interests. There is enough room on the internet for all.

  3 comments for “Cerise Magazine Launches

  1. bigwig
    7 May 2007 at 22:14

    I guess you probably saw the post on kotaku about this?

    Amazing what comments on a blog post can show about the level of ignorance on the internet.

  2. 7 May 2007 at 22:38

    I would have read it tomorrow as part of my morning feed reading, but thanks for pointing that out. :) I’m not really surprised about what the Kotaku commenters have written. I just try not to get too worked up about it anymore. They’re entitled to their opinions, and some of them certainly have very strong ones. I doubt that arguing with them, at least in Kotaku comment space, will allow them to really understand what the people behind Cerise and Iris are trying to accomplish. There’s a lot of noise there, and the other voices tend to drown out arguments that don’t mesh with their view of things. If a few of them become curious and visit the forums or read the mag with an open mind, debate, discuss, etc. then I think that would be a positive thing.

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