My PS3 is Probably Dead

I’ve been without my PlayStation 3 for about a month, just as I was really getting into Sleeping Dogs. I searched to see whether anyone else on the internet had had the same problem, and there were quite a few people whose PS3s had the symptoms. Signs pointed to a problem related to overheating.

I took my PS3 to a local repair shop to have it diagnosed. It took quite some time because the person who does repairs went to Japan for two weeks. I now have my PS3 back, but unfortunately they were unable to repair it. The problem, I’m told, is that the sensor that tells the PS3 that its overheating is broken. The PS3 thinks it’s overheating all the time, which causes the system to automatically shut down/not turn on. Unfortunately, the repair place was also unable to transfer all my save game data off of my PS3 to another hard drive. On the plus side, they didn’t charge me for looking at it.

I’ve contacted Sony to see whether there is anything they can do for my console and how much it would cost to repair.

The worst case scenario is that I have to buy a brand new PS3 (that’s money I need to spend), there’s no way to recover my save game data (this would suck, but I think I’ve made my peace with this possibility), and worst of all, I’m unable to re-download all of my SingStar songs on a new system. I’ve downloaded over 100 songs (at $1.49 each + tax) for SingStar, and it would make me feel angry and upset if I could not play the songs I’d purchased on a new PS3.

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