Guild Wars 2: 28 August 2012

Guild wars 2 is launching on August 28. That’s two months from today.

I cannot wait to finally play with a character (or four) in which I’m invested. All the characters I’ve created will be erased before the game launches. I’ve tried not to spoil myself on the charr personal story while I played in the Beta Weekend Events, as I’ll be playing a charr character as my main character. I want to have as fresh an experience as I can this August.

I joined an awesome feminist MMO gaming guild a couple months ago. I’ve been playing with them when I’ve had time (i.e. a breather in between working) during the Beta Weekend Events. I’m looking forward to playing with them at launch.

Now all I need is a new computer.

By the way, the standard rules of engagement¬†apply to this post. This is my personal game blog, not a work/company space. I won’t be answering work questions here.

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