RapeLay was in the news recently again, and with that, a few particularly clueless posts from the mainstream media and the mainstream gaming press emerged. If you happen to go to any mainstream media sites (e.g., CNN) or mainstream gamer sites and blogs (e.g., Kotaku, or whatever Leigh Alexander has written on this topic) to read anything vaguely related to RapeLay, please consider keeping the RapeLay BINGO card close to hand. This incredibly useful and informative BINGO card covers classic defences of RapeLay‘s misogyny and perpetuation of rape culture in one handy location.


It also provides boundless entertainment of the “lolsob” variety, which may help prevent you from head-to-desk or palm-to-face responses as a reaction to the sexist arguments trotted out to dismiss, derail, de-legitimise, and minimise concerns about this game.

Check out “Rape, Violence, and Gaming“, by Amber and “Brian Ashcraft, let me do your homework for you“, by tekanji, for some analysis of Brian Ashcraft’s Kotaku post about RapeLay coverage at CNN. Also see tekanji’s link round-up for smart critiques of RapeLay and rape culture. Trigger warnings apply for those posts, on the basis of discussion of rape, sexual assault, and violence against women.

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P.S. — If you’re the author of this BINGO card, please let me know so I can credit/link to you!

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