Game School Dropout

In an article on, Lisa Laughy elaborates on the state of game design education, why she decided to drop out, and why current structures may aid in the stagnation of industry innovation:

My complaints aren’t so much with the school I attended as they are with the way the industry has influenced the specifics of that program. It’s not that I don’t have issues with the program; it’s just that I feel for the most part that the program is the way it is in direct response to what the industry is telling them they want. The school does an excellent job of turning out highly skilled workers that get placed with some of the most sought after game development studios, so in that way it is a smashing success. What I am left wondering is this: Is it really the best thing for the school to be solely focused on giving game development studios exactly what they want, at the cost of providing an educational environment that might encourage real innovation for the industry over the present status quo?

Readers of the Guilded Lilies blog, where Laughy writes under the handle ‘Guilded Lily’, may be familiar with her earlier article on the topic, posted in August.


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