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The Game Chair has announced a change in direction, due to the busy schedule and shift in priorities of the site owner and editor, Seth. I started writing on The Game Chair two years ago, when Seth stumbled across my games blog. He contacted me and invited me to become a contributor to the site. At the time, I was also blogging at another game site, which is now defunct (I honestly don’t know how I had time to write on three game blogs!). I agreed because The Game Chair’s writing guidelines held me to more structured standard than the other place, which I loved for giving me a lot of freedom to blog whatever random game-related fluff and fun that I came across. I wrote a few “progressive reviews” for The Game Chair and some other pieces. I wasn’t as active a contributor as the other writers, but it was a great experience, regardless. I look forward to see how Seth evolves the site and I’m grateful to him for giving me the opportunity to write there.

Seth writes:

One of the big changes is that the site no longer has the review feature we once did and that I removed those elements that tried to categorize the site by content types. This is the significant re-roll move. The idea is from a content perspective I wanted to start fresh. My hope is to use this space more openly and more flexibly to share some thoughts about games when the mood hits me. I don’t think this precludes The Game Chair from having other writers contribute, but I think removing the guise of being a game review site and attempting to find ways to generate viewers and traffic to grow is a great relief to me right now.

Since I no longer have a gig writing on another blog, I’m going to explore what sort of spare time game writing I can put my keyboard to. Should I look for a blogging gig that pays (even just a little)? Should I instead be more serious and structured about writing on this blog? I was offered an unpaid writing (game reviews) position at a small and growing gaming site over the weekend, but I turned it down for various reasons. What are your opinions, readers?

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