Onimusha Film Will Star Kaneshiro

Oh. My. Goodness. I’ve never played the Onimusha games, but I really like Takeshi Kaneshiro. The main character, Samanosuke Akechi, was modeled after Kaneshiro, because Takeshi Kaneshiro is really hot. Okay, I made that second part up, but it’s true.

I first became aware of Takeshi Kaneshiro from his role in the 1994 Hong King film, Chungking Express. He played Cop 223. Kaneshiro also played Miyamoto in the derivative-but-still-fun science fiction film, Returner. More recently, and probably famously, he starred in House of Flying Daggers.

Christopher Gans, director of Silent Hill (which I really liked) and Brotherhood of the Wolf (which I thought was terrible), has stated that Takeshi Kaneshiro will be reprising his role from the videogame in the feature film adaptation of Onimusha.

[Ain’t It Cool News via N’Gai Croal’s Level Up]

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