On the Metroid Prime 3 Release and Future Console Purchases

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is scheduled for release on 20th August. I do not own a Wii and a new console is not in my budget this year. I’d like to buy a console to play more than one game, and quite honestly there aren’t any other games on the Wii that appeal to me at the moment. I don’t want to buy a Wii to play old games. I want to play Wii games.

The Xbox 360 has more games out right now (or coming soon) that I would like to play than the Wii.

The PlayStation 3 also has more games that I would like to play than the Wii.

Final Fantasy XIII looks like a game I’d like to play, which may come as a surprise, considering my lack of patience with Final Fantasy VII. The more I see of Final Fantasy XIII, the more intrigued I become. I wasn’t remotely interested in this game until I saw a picture of the main character, Lightning. She looks really, really cool. Like, so cool that ‘cool’ doesn’t even describe how cool I thinks she looks. I love her costume. I think I have a little crush on her, and I don’t even know her story. I want to find out more about Lightning!

Still, the bottom line is: no console purchases this year.

In other hardware news, my PC is out of commission for the moment. I won’t go into boring details, because it’s a bit complicated. I’m waiting for a part to come through so that I can start working on it. For now, I am computing from my notebook computer. This means no extended Guild Wars sessions because I quickly get fed up of the small (14-inch widescreen) screen, but this was the reason behind getting the small screen in the first place. Yes, I am odd.

In gaming news, I’m reviewing the indie game, Mr. Robot, for the PC. I managed to get a couple of hours in before my computer broke, and the first Play Rating is up at The Game Chair.

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