Web 2.0 Overdose

A real post to come later tonight after work, honest.

For now, I have several oh-so cutting-edge Web 2.0 things to share.

1) I am on Twitter. Updated with the minutiae of my life, when I remember. Not that anyone cares, but in case you’re bored.

2) I have a tumblelog on Tumblr. There isn’t anything there yet. Whatever random stuff I find, which doesn’t go on my del.icio.us links, may find its way to Tumblr.

3) Yes, I am on MySpace. There is nothing on my page except me voicing distaste for MySpace. There are also links to my blogs and profiles on Last.fm, Twitter, and Xfire. Two guesses as to what the URL is.

4) I have been avoiding Facebook for two years. I’m hoping to continue that for now. So far, I’ve only received three friend requests in that time, so I think I’m doing pretty well.

5) I also have a Vox blog. I don’t know what to use it for, apart from checking out the themes that might be available for LiveJournal Paid Users in the future, and flashing my Vox beta tester Web 2.0 street cred.

EDIT — 6th April 2007: Um… So I couldn’t hold out any longer. I’m on Facebook. A former flatmate of mine attempted to add me to her friends list. I haven’t heard from her in four or five years. I thought, “No harm in that”. Right? And so it begins. :?

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