First Time in FoW

I went into the Fissure of Woe for the first time ever as part of the women-only Girl Power Hour, which is run by the Girl Power [GP] guild. I played my Necromancer/Mesmer (Spiteful Spirit Nuker build). We had 4 Monks, 1 Warrior, 1 Ranger, 1 Elementalist, and 1 Necromancer/Mesmer. I forgot most of their Secondary Professions. At least one of the Monks was a Monk/Elementalist. I think the Warrior was a Warrior/Monk. It’s an amazing experience to play with a pick-up group that:

  • Are not immature
  • Are not sexist
  • Do not type in leetspeak or textspeak all the time
  • Are patient about pulls and patrol groups
  • Know how to play their builds
  • Do not get angry or throw fits when they or their teammates die
  • Know how to call targets and obey target calls
  • Do not run off ahead of everyone
  • Know when to retreat and regroup
  • Are patient with beginners — I told the group that it was my first time in the Fissure of Woe. I don’t think I actually made any mistakes, or the mistakes I made were minor, because no one corrected me or complained.

I had fun casting Blood Ritual on the Monks. I’m not really used to the micromanagement that comes with buffing party members, at least not with my Necromancer, so it was a neat experience. All in all, it was hugely successful trip. I even got two Obsidian Shards (a rare crafting material).

My Necromancer made a trip to Mineral Springs for mapping purposes. Whilst I was there, I got her Tengu Mask infused. :P That place is so easy with Heroes in your party (with Henchmen, I had a 4 Monks :D).

I decided to get my Necromancer a set of the Cabalist’s Krytan Armour for the Energy bonus. I considered getting the Scar Pattern Armor, which has the same functionality and is slightly cheaper in terms of gold, but I wasn’t fond of the nearly-naked look.  I’ll have to make an infusion run at some point. Poor planning. Ah well.

My Warrior now has her Kurzick 15k boots. I only need the gloves before my armour is complete. After that, I will need to farm gold to buy dye. I haven’t decided what colour to use yet, but white appeals (though it is extremely expensive).


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