Dead Fan

It seems that the fan on my graphics card (256MB ATI Radeon 9800 Pro) has stopped working. I discovered this last night shortly after starting up Windows. The display shut off, but everything else seemed to be working fine. My monitor showed a black screen and an error message, helpfully informing me that the input should be in 1920 x 1200. I restarted the computer a couple of times with the same effect — Windows starts up fine, display is all right, then screen goes black because the card has stopped transmitting information to the display. I shut down the computer again, opened up the computer case, touched my graphics card, and practically burned myself. I started the computer again and looked underneath, and saw that the fan on my card was no longer spinning. I turned it off again and made sure that all the connections were secure, but the fan still didn’t work when I restarted. Finally I shutdown my computer for the evening because I was afraid that my card was going to overheat and switch off again.

I am looking into replacement GPU fans/heatsinks.  Any suggestions on which to buy/avoid?

If the replacement heatsink/fan doesn’t work, which I guess would mean that the circuit between the fan and the GPU is broken, I am not sure what to do apart from replacing my graphics card.

If I need to replace my graphics card, does anyone have suggestions? I know that SLI is all the rage, but my motherboard is AGP. It seems that graphics cards may be all-SLI within a few years, so is it worth investing in the best AGP card currently available to make the most out of my motherboard? Are there any cards that somehow bridge the gap between AGP and SLI?

I’ve got to do some research.

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