Radio 1’s Big Weekend (in Second Life)

Last night I logged into Second Life after what had been ages and ages. I updated my appearance, bought new clothes, and new hair. My avatar looks less freakish than before. I’d purposefully made her hideous, but I decided to make her look more human.

Today stopped in briefly at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend (“the UK’s biggest free music festival”) — in Second Life. Met up with Alice beforehand and toured Dublin. Someone built Dublin in Second Life, with accurate street layouts and all that. Danced a jig in an Irish pub with a bunch of Second Life-rs. “Drank” shots of Irish whisky and also Rum and Coke. Found a Celtic sword in my inventory (which I had noticed last night and wondered when/how it got there), and wielded it as I danced around. Surreal!

Alice shopped for new hair. I got a new shirt, which was called the “Death Slut Cult Shirt” or something like that. Very goth. Saw some horns at the shopping place and am keen on getting a pair for myself once I get more Linden Dollars (the currency in Second Life). Got asked if I was male because I was carrying around a sword. No. Then got asked if I was trans. Nope! Was amused.

After a break for food and Guild Wars, I logged back in and was magically teleported by Alice to the BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend event. There were a bunch of people dancing and chatting. There was a Dalek. And a robot. And furries. The BBC had a live audio stream of the event straight from Dundee (“The City of Discovery” LOL. I always got a little laugh out of that motto.).

Unfortunately, since last summer when I created my Second Life account, loads of people have joined up, and the game is so laggy it hurts. The music played fine, but moving around, typing, doing anything in-game took forever. Finally got impatient and left.

I played Guild Wars for a while again, and now I sit here listening to DJ banter from Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Dundee. Dundee! Since when did Dundee become a big centre for music? It’s funny hearing those Dundonian accents again.

Listening to the show on Radio 1 reminds me of how out of touch I am with popular music these days. I didn’t even know that Pink had new music out. She’s playing tomorrow. Also, Feeder and Keane. Awesome. Snow Patrol later on today, and The Streets as well. Live! I love the internets! I should listen to the Beeb on the internet more often.

May try to log on to Second Life tomorrow briefly to check out the show again. I fear the lag, though. :-(