Missed Factions

Weekend away from PC + Lack of time upon returning home on Sunday = Very little Guild Wars: Factions (preview) for me.

I created an Assassin briefly and mucked about in the Team Trials, but not long enough to gather any solid impressions. The new regions and costumes are beautiful.

The Assassins could have used nicer facial options, because most of them were not that appealing. Seriously. Only two of the female Assassin facial options were really attractive. The Assassins are meant to be like ninja, I guess, so they kind of have this Chinese/Japanese influence going on.

I often find that Western people have different concepts of what an attractive Asian woman looks like. Asian women that I find are of average- or below-average attractiveness, some of my non-Asian friends will rate them very highly. I had a discussion about this a few years ago with a friend from Hong Kong. She came to the conclusion that Westerners, because they have not interacted with large numbers of Asians, are unable to differentiate as much as an Asian is able to. Basically, Westerners think that all Asians look the same, as such they don’t have a “refined eye” when it comes to Asians’ appearance. Interestingly, my friend says that all white people look basically the same. She sometimes has a hard time telling them apart unless she has interacted with them regularly. I guess it goes both ways, then.

The bottom line is that I was very disappointed with the face options for the female Assassin. I don’t think I’ve been able to say that any of the Guild Wars facial types are ugly until now.

The only impression that I came away with regarding the new Professions in terms of play is that it seems that anyone who plays an Assassin Primary will have to keep an eye out on chaining their Skills. But the Profession shows a lot of promise.

I didn’t even have time to create a Ritualist like I wanted to. They have an African/Amazonian tribal thing going for them in terms of appearance.

I’ll have to wait until the full version arrives later in the year. I reserved Factions at my local GameStop. Apparently, if a pre-order bonus becomes available, I will be able to get it, since I’ve already reserved the game. The price of Factions will be the same as any other game, around $50.00.

Don’t know how much a Special Edition will be. Perhaps $20.00 more like the original? Doc Jitters got the Special Edition of Guild Wars for his birthday last year, and the only thing he got in-game was the Divine Aura. This amounted to lots of shiny sparkly lights around his character’s hands when she danced or moved around. He did get an artbook, and I think the soundtrack CD (which I have already purchased via download from DirectSong).

I was really excited to try out the new Professions, but didn’t have the time, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. It was a fun weekend regardless.

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