Possible Change in Focus

I might make this a blog about gaming. And media? Gaming, films, TV, books, comics, music? Seems broad, but my tastes are broad.

What could I possibly write about? It’s not as if my posts to Girl Gamers are filled with scintillating insight. I mostly post interesting links. In the past, I have engaged in intelligent discussion/debate about games culture, particularly regarding gender and gaming, but that topic hasn’t come up recently. Maybe I could write about what discussion emerges on Girl Gamers?

I do read a lot of games blogs, and I’m afraid that if I turn Acid for Blood into my personal games blog, it’ll just be another spot in the gaming blogosphere, drifting amongst the others. Then again, why do I even need an audience? I could just write shit here, and no one will care. I could also practice tightening up my writing style, as I am the first to admit that I get very wordy.

The obvious thing to write would be games reviews. I suppose I wouldn’t know how good I am of a reviewer unless I tried. I’ve never tried to review a game before.

And, if I do decide to create a games blog, what about moving it from Blogger to a different host, with my own domain name? At the moment I can’t pay for domain name registration and hosting fees on top of that. Also, I’m not up on the website programming, so… I’d likely keep it here for a while. Hm… Maybe I could just register a domain name and camp. I know, that would be bad! But…

I was reading up on WordPress, because some games bloggers like Ste Curran, Mak, and ButtonMashing.com use it. It seems like a decent app, and I do like the clean, neat layouts that these particular blogs have. Of course, if I went with WordPress, I’d have to do the whole domain name registration and get a hosting service. This bears more thought.

I will ruminate on these items.