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Your comments and feedback are welcome here. There are a few ground rules to bear in mind. Comments on my blog are fully moderated. I will approve, moderate, and respond to comments according to my standards of acceptable behaviour.

No Bigotry or Hate Speech

Comments that are discriminatory, derogatory, threatening, hateful, harassing, abusive, contain ad hominem arguments, or are otherwise obnoxious and disruptive are not acceptable. All forms of oppressive behaviour and comments, including but not limited to: sexism, heterosexism, cissexism, monosexism, racism, bigotry towards marginalised ethnic groups or nationalities, ableism, sizeism are not permitted here.

Be Polite

I don’t have a lot of patience for asshattery. Disrespectful comments may not be published and/or they will be moderated accordingly.

Anonymity and Pseudonymity

Please use a pseudonym or real name and a real email address (visible only to the blog owner). Using some form of identifiable name shows that people are at least attempting to discuss in good faith.

Comment Sunsetting

Comments on posts will close after 90 days. Generally, discussion on a blog post diminishes as time passes. If you have any feedback for me on posts that have been published more than 90 days ago, please send me an email.

My Blog, My Opinions—Not My Employer’s

All statements and opinions made on my site, in posts, comments, or other personal sites linked from this one, are my own and do not represent the views or policies of my employer. If my company has anything to say, it will not be here, but on their official website and other official channels.

No Work-Related Comments

This is a personal space, not a work space. Comments and feedback about the game(s) I work on will be ignored on my personal sites and accounts. If people wish to leave work-related messages, they may do so using official channels. Thank you in advance for your understanding and for kindly respecting my boundaries.

Feminism 101 and Anti-Oppression 101

Occasionally I may use feminist or anti-oppression terminology that commenters may not be familiar with. Whilst I don’t require visitors to be familiar with feminism and anti-oppression before commenting, being aware of how I approach certain issues on this blog may be helpful. Please keep in mind that I’ve had to explain these concepts many, many times. Where the ignorant party stands to benefit by gaining knowledge, I run the risk of exasperation and abuse when I engage in those explanations. These beginner, 101-level conversations drain my energy, can be irritating for me, and sometimes result in people being assholes at me due to their own ignorance of the issues. Due to the annoyance and stress involved in such conversations, I derive little to no value or benefit from engaging in them. If I’m not benefiting from a conversation on my own blog, then I’d rather not entertain it. I may occasionally oblige ignorance by explaining basic terms and concepts, but ultimately it is not my responsibility to educate commenters on feminism, anti-racism, or any other anti-oppression movement. If you’re ignorant of these issues, it’s your responsibility to learn about them if you wish to engage on a similar level of discussion. I am not your teachable moment. Repeated discussions of these topics where they have been much better and more comprehensively discussed elsewhere add little value to the conversation. There are loads of resources on the internet where you can go learn about feminism, anti-oppression, and equality. Here are a few to start:

If you’re here to argue with me about how privilege “doesn’t exist” or how feminism is “wrong”—please don’t be. Also, don’t do any of these things.

Why wasn’t my comment published?

Whilst it’s true that I have a policy barring abusive or oppressive language here, I don’t often get comments that directly violate those rules. The majority of the comments that I decide not to publish are stupid. They contain “arguments” and debate points that are so worthless and ill-thought-out that I do not consider it worth my time to refute them. Comments like this generally don’t add anything valuable or interesting to the discussion, and instead often distract from or derail from the issue(s) at hand. It is also possible your comment was inadvertently marked as spam and got trapped in the spam filter.

My Blog, My Rules

If I think your comment is stupid, irrelevant, ignorant, annoying, creepy, disrespectful, shows no indication that you’ve read and understood my comments policy, or some other reason I haven’t listed, I may decide not to publish it. I may also decide to publish comments that go against the guidelines listed here for whatever reason I see fit.