Hello, and welcome to my games blog.

My name is Regina Buenaobra. I am the head of content marketing at a videogame development studio. My website has information about my professional life.

This blog contains accounts and observations about my personal gaming experiences. I also write about technology and other forms of media.

I have a particular interest in how social and cultural issues intersect with games. I didn’t always approach media criticism from this perspective. For more about  how and why my views evolved, you can read this post.

I don’t update this blog regularly anymore.

My Blog, My Opinions—Not My Employer’s

This blog existed before I started working in the videogame industry. Although I made the decision to disclose the link between my online pseudonym (‘Brinstar’) and my real name, I continued to write about games here after becoming a games industry professional.

This blog is a personal space, so I don’t write much about my work here. If my company has anything to say, it will not be here, but on their official website and other official channels.

Disclosure: I work for ArenaNet, a videogame development studio and wholly owned subsidiary of NCSOFT. I do not represent ArenaNet or NCSOFT nor I do not work on their behalf on this website.

Disclaimer: All statements and opinions made on my site, in posts, comments, or my other personal sites or social media accounts, are solely my own and do not reflect the views and opinions of my employer, my past employers, my colleagues, my contacts, my friends, or anyone else except for me.

Website Information

Why is this blog called ‘Acid for Blood’? Short story: it’s an Alien reference. Here’s the slightly longer story.

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