In-Flight Entertainment

I’m flying to London today to attend Eurogamer Expo for work (say hi if you see me!). It has been more than several years since I’ve been in the UK. When I was last in the UK, there were no smartphones, iPads, or e-book readers. When I’m on long flights, I typically busy myself with the airline’s in-flight entertainment, sleep, or read something I brought with me. Now that I have my trusty iPad, I have entertainment beyond what the airline provides and beyond what I can stuff into my carry-on luggage. I have downloaded several books to my Kindle app, a few comic books to my DC Comics app, and several games. ¬†With my iPad, I probably won’t run out of media, considering both my work and holiday schedules, but if I do run out, I can always download more before I head back to the States. Technology, I like you.

If anyone has any iPad games recommendations or comic book recommendations (Which of DC Comics’s “New 52” are worth reading?), give me a shout¬†on Twitter.