The Border House: Breaking Down Borders in Gaming

Osaka Sunset

I joined forces with a group of cool people to start a feminist-friendly and inclusive group gaming and virtual worlds blog. After weeks of planning, setup, and flurries of emails all around, The Border House is now up and running.

The majority of group gaming blogs tend to be exclusively run by, written by, and implicitly written for straight, white males. Whether those barriers are erected by design, or (more insidiously) by coincidence stemming from the warm, comfortable blinders of privilege, this situation marginalises those who don’t fit in those categories and doesn’t speak to the diversity of gamers (or games bloggers).

The Border House, created from the ground-up to be inclusive, aims to be a platform for marginalised voices to talk about their experiences and perspectives of games and virtual worlds—all through a feminist lens. Our contributors are: female, male, people of colour, white, multi-national, multi-cultural, bisexual, lesbian, gay, queer, heterosexual, trans gender, gender queer, cis gender, disabled, temporarily able-bodied (TAB)—the list goes on and on.

There should be a lot of discussions ensuing from the exploration of sex, race, gender, sexuality, and other social issues within the sphere of gaming and virtual worlds. It’s shaping up to to be an exciting and awesome project. If you’d like to read about the experiences of gamers who don’t fit into the SWM box, you’re invited to check out the blog and join in the discussion.