Avatar Pics: PlayStation Home Open Beta

I popped into the Home open beta for a bit. It took absolutely ages to connect.

I liked the avatar customisation. It was a lot easier than Second Life. The options are really good. You can make different body types and sizes and there are many skin colours, though you don’t get sliders for the skin colours as you do with all the other body appearance options.

Here are pictures of my avatar at her Harbour Studio flat:

Home Avatar 1

It’s a corner balcony, which I am sure she is pleased by. See how she surveys her kingdom so smugly:

Home Avatar 2

This little harbour would be why it’s called the Harbour Studio:

Home Avatar 3

See how she enjoys the fresh sea air!

Home Avatar 4

These screen shots don’t do it justice, because it’s really very pretty. I do like my little corner of the PlayStation Network, even if it’s a little sparse.

I briefly visited the UNCHARTED bar or tavern or whatever it was. It was all right. It reminded me of Second Life, but a little prettier and easier to move around in because of the control pad. However, because I don’t have a keyboard, I would find it hard to communicate with others if that’s what I chose to do so. Most of the people in the room were having uninteresting text conversations and really annoying voice conversations. If I do hang out in Home more, I’m going to turn voice chat off, because I really don’t want to deal with any of the anonymous online bullshit (“OMG R U A GIRL???”). I kind of just want to decorate my home, which I guess may be the whole point.

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