PAX 2008 Pics

I didn’t take nearly as many pictures this year as last year because I was working at the convention, but here is the photoset anyway.

The Bethesda booth to promote Fallout 3 was very impressive. They brought in an old 1950s trailer, put a white picket fence on one side, and plonked a 1950s style nuclear family on the inside of the fence.

The inside of the trailer was a lounge furnished in the 1950s style, complete with TV where I guess you could either watch the demo of the game or play it.

The SingStar presence was at the back of Sony’s booth. There was a stage where you could try out the game to win copies for the PS3.

SingStar Area of the Sony Booth
At the ArenaNet party, some fans created a big furry statue of a charr.

Two Guild Wars cosplayers at the party were dressed as a Monk and Gwen:

Guild Wars Cosplay: A Monk and Gwen

  5 comments for “PAX 2008 Pics

  1. SarKenobi
    8 September 2008 at 15:41

    There was two other cosplayers I saw at the party. A Mesmer dude and ummmm I forget the class name of the other girl. It was good.

  2. 8 September 2008 at 21:54

    Ohh, I saw the Mesmer. I don’t remember the other one, though.

  3. 11 September 2008 at 04:21

    Wow, you are lucky to be there at PAX. Nice pictures and report too.

  4. 16 September 2008 at 05:08

    Did I mention that I really really really want to cosplay Gwen for Dragon*Con? Little girl Gwen though, she’s simpler to make I think.

  5. 5 October 2008 at 19:41

    Looks like it was a fun convention, I never made it to one of these. I’m going to see if I can maybe take a day of nest year and visit one. I’m sure it’s a lot of fun!

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