Multiple Weblogs, Inc. Profiles – Doh!

Weblogs, Inc. as many gamers know, plays host to several major gaming blogs, including Joystiq, Massively, WOW Insider, and the Fanboy range of blogs (PS3 Fanboy, etc.), as well as tech/gadget blog, Engadget. If you comment on a Weblogs, Inc. blog, you need to leave an email address, so they can send you a password. You use the password to confirm your comment and login to the site. Before they added the ability to login to the website itself, you had to confirm and enter their auto-generated password on the site each time you wanted to leave a comment. If you are commenting for the first time, a universal Weblogs, Inc. profile is created for you. You can then login and change your password to something more memorable than the randomly generated password you’re initially given. You can also change your user icon and add a website.

I recently discovered that I have two Weblogs, Inc. profiles: my original profile and apparently a more recent profile I created right after they announced the site login feature. I have the password information for the newer profile so I can change whatever information I need to. Everything is cool with that one. The problem is that I don’t have the password for the old profile, and is no password retrieval information in the login area. I did a search of Joystiq and Weblogs, Inc. and couldn’t find a solution. I want to regain control of that old profile and use that instead of the new one, but I can’t!

Has anyone discovered, by chance (or magic), how to retrieve a lost or forgotten Weblogs, Inc. password?

EDIT – 21 August 2008: Right. I found our how to retrieve one’s Weblogs, Inc. password. You just need to remember which email address is associated with your profile. If you attempt to leave a comment as a new user, you will get an email confirmation and a password to verify your comment, and gain access to your profile.

Unfortunately, there is no way to change your email address or delete profiles. I think my rationale behind creating the new Weblogs, Inc. profile was based upon my preference of email address. I have a particular email address that I only use for administrative junk like this, and I didn’t want to use the email address I’d originally used to comment on Joystiq and WOW Insider. Sigh. Now I remember my dilemma! If only I wasn’t so damned picky. :-) All my problems would be solved if I could delete the new profile and change the email address associated with the old one.