Ubuntu to the Rescue

Per the suggestion of commenter Tough_Nutz in my previous post, I burned the Ubuntu Linux distribution to a CD, booted the OS from the CD-ROM drive, and transferred my critical files to an external hard drive. It totally worked! I’m so happy that I haven’t lost my files. I’m going to reinstall Windows on my desktop tomorrow night, and on Saturday someone from the cable company is going to install my internet so I’ll finally be able to play Guild Wars at home.

I’ve been curious about Ubuntu for a while, but never got around to trying it out until now. Ubuntu is incredibly easy to install and from my brief experience it’s also easy to use. It’s kind of cool that I can run the entire operating system from a CD-ROM. If so many games didn’t run on Windows, I’d probably want to use Ubuntu. Gaming on a Linux OS seems like it’s beyond my capabilities. I’m probably more proficient at computers than the average user, but probably not enough to mess around trying to get games to work with a Linux distribution. If I get another laptop that I don’t intend to use for games, I’d probably put Ubuntu on it though.

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