Holiday Gaming and Gaming Priorities for 2008

I’ll be out of the country for Christmas. I don’t plan on taking anything but my DS with me. I’ll also be taking reading material with me and that will compete for time, so I’m not sure how much I will actually be able to catch up on my neglected Final Fantasy VI save game. Still, I should be optimistic, yeah? I’ll bring it along just in case.

After Christmas I’ll be back in the States. I will be popping into Guild Wars for the Wintersday festivities on New Year’s Day, but that will probably be about it. I may or may not have time for quests, but I definitely need those hats!

Gaming Priorities for 2008

  • Finish Guild Wars Nightfall — Not finishing Guild Wars Nightfall is fairly pathetic on my part. It came out in Autumn 2006, and I really have no excuse for not finishing it except the following: a brief dalliance with World of Warcraft (September – December 2006), good stuff related to the personal life (Autumn – Winter 2006), getting a new job (January 2007), relocating from the East Coast to the West Coast of the US to take up said job (February – March 2007), adjusting to the new location and job (Spring – Summer 2007), trying to find time to play Nightfall with people instead of alone, not being in the mood (various points throughout 2007), having a personal life which was more interesting than playing games (Autumn – Winter 2007), having a social life which included playing games that are not Guild Wars (Summer – Winter 2007), and so on.
  • Finish Guild Wars: Eye of the North — I played it a lot when it first came out several months ago. I finished all the Ebon Vanguard surface quests and made significant headway into the Asura surface quests. I needed a break from constant Guild Wars after a while, and then National Novel Writing Month happened.
  • Finish the Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack — This came out at the end of November. I haven’t touched it yet. This fell victim to the social/personal life. I love games, but other activities took priority.
  • Finish Portal — This also fell victim to the social/personal life. I’m at level 15. Still. I know. I know! Eventually, okay?
  • Finish Shadow of the Colossus — Arguably, I have even less of an excuse not to have finished this by now. Shadow of the Colossus has been with me, unplayed, for almost two years. I’m playing it now though. The difference now is that I have a wonderfully persuasive (and generally wonderful) person in my life who issues constant threats against my person if I don’t play. I’ve defeated four colossi so far.
  • Play my 60-day trial of Lord of the Rings Online — I recently acquired this at a party. (Yes, it was a party filled with gamer geeks.) I won’t apply the access keys until after the holiday, for maximum gaming damage. Rather than play on my friend’s spare account, I will use this trial.

I’m not sure about longer term gaming priorities at the moment. This bears some thought, but not right now. I need to stop blogging and get packing! This will probably be my last post before the New Year. I hope everyone has a lovely holiday!

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