Happy November 1

Hallow’s End has come and gone in Guild Wars. The two masks this year are much better than last year’s offerings, the Wicked Hat and the Furious Pumpkin Crown. I disliked the Furious Pumpkin Crown so much that I simply destroyed mine without showing it to the festival hat maker. In other words, I cannot acquire the Furious Pumpkin Crown through any means except time travel.

The Scarecrow Mask:

Scarecrow Mask
The Mummy Mask:

Mummy Mask
It was a productive evening for minipet trading, as I acquired a Miniature Juggernaut from Bish in exchange for my spare Fire Imp, and from Toktic a Harpy Ranger in exchange for a spare Jade Armour that my Paragon had just received for his first birthday present. My neglected Dervish also celebrated her first birthday and she received a Kirin. One of my storage tabs is becoming very crowded with my minipet collection.

In other news, I’ll be pretty busy this November, so blogging here will be light.

[Guild Wars Hallowe’en 2007 Photoset]

EDIT: One of the new events for Hallowe’en this year was the Costume Brawl. I didn’t have time to participate, but Clamatius has all the details. Meanwhile, Van Hemlock has an account of his Hallowe’en experience in Guild Wars.

  4 comments for “Happy November 1

  1. 1 November 2007 at 05:23

    Nifty! I wish I had remembered to stop in GW and pick up a mask. :( I agree, I like those hats a lot more than last year’s offerings.

  2. 1 November 2007 at 09:47

    *sniff*whine* I wanna mummy mask too. :P

    Speaking of mini pets I really should open both of my main characters birthday presents and I need to pick up that PC Gamer guide one of these days…

  3. 1 November 2007 at 16:10

    I missed out last year, and I rather would have liked to have had the Wicked Hat myself. Although you’re right, that Furious Pumpkin is space wasting trash. Did manage to add this year’s hats.

    Shame you missed out on the Costume Brawl. Really stripped out a lot of the annoying aspects of the Arena experience to streamline the whole experience. I sppent most of my time there. It was a really fun format that I hope sees the light of day again soon.

    I’ll be a bit busy this November, as well. Here’s hoping your inner editor doesn’t put up much of a struggle this year.

  4. 5 November 2007 at 06:26

    Buy NCSoft games and pay for my college!!!!!

    TR is out. Woot!
    Now if only we had time to relax.

    Hope you are still doing well. ;)

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