Portal + Half-Life 2 = ?

I now have both Portal and Half-Life 2 due to the generosity of colleagues, Toktic and Artaxs. Artaxs gave me Half-Life 2 on Monday, explaining that I was the only one of his friends on Steam who did not already own the game. He had just bought the Orange Box and he had a spare Steam gift to give. Upon my return to the office on Tuesday, I discovered a Hallowe’en/Christmas gift on my desk from Toktic — a bit of cash to purchase Portal. Hurrah! Thank you both!

I have both games installed on my computer now. I took each for a short spin, just to make sure the settings were all right. It’s been difficult to avoid Portal spoilers. Not only has it been difficult, it has been annoying. Soon I will discover what everyone is talking about. I’m planning on finishing Portal before November, though Half-Life 2 will have to wait till later for more intense gaming.

  3 comments for “Portal + Half-Life 2 = ?

  1. 25 October 2007 at 00:03

    Just a fair warning: once you start playing portal it will be difficult to put it down. Really. Seriously.

  2. 25 October 2007 at 08:22

    I agree. I finally got a chance to check it out last night and had an extremely difficult time walking away… After I did stop all I could think about was the puzzle I stopped on. I really need to go pickup a copy of my own…

  3. Artaxs
    29 October 2007 at 15:52

    Portal has got to be the best game of the year. I can’t wait to see where the mod community goes with this — anyone up for a round of “Portal-Strike” ?


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