Positives of Women-Oriented Gaming Communities

The September issue of Cerise Magazine included an article on "the positive aspects of women-oriented gaming communities". I know that many gamers, men and women, are against women-only or women-oriented gaming communities, guilds, and clans on the basis that these communities segregate and that they divide women gamers from the gaming community as a whole. They argue that the only way for women to be accepted by mainstream (e.g. male-dominated) communities is not to go off and form their own communities, but to jump right in with the men. No one’s saying we’re not already participating in mainstream gaming communities. Most women gamers I know, myself included, participate general communities. However there are discussions that general gaming communities are less receptive to, and this is partly why some women gamers also participate in women-oriented gaming communities. There are many positive aspects of women gamer communities as the article reveals.


P.S. — There is also an interview with me in this month’s issue.

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  1. 15 September 2007 at 18:35

  2. 18 September 2007 at 03:40

    Meh. The only one I really agree with is Networking opportunities. I’m all for places where women can help out deserving members of their fellow gender.

    The rest of it is generic argument for ANY offshoot community – none of the points show a need for women-oriented over idiots-not-tolerated.

    I’d be more supportive if I hadn’t seen such an attitude of “How dare you have differing opinion, you MAN. It must be because you have a penis and therefore don’t understand” across so many women-“oriented” communities. I don’t mean just in gaming.

  3. 18 September 2007 at 08:06

    I think sometimes in an effort to try and make their views heard and show people the other side of the coin, sometimes they can be a little bit too eager to do so, and come across as trying to squash opposing opinions. A lot of times I think it would be more productive to do that in a general forum, however even general forums can have the same approach when faced with a perspective they disagree with. I agree, I think this is a function of all established forums. So I guess this is why people in general just go where their views are more represented. The internet has had the effect of bringing together a lot of people, but it’s also fractured them into more specialised communities.

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