My Weekend with GW: EN

Guild Wars: Eye of the North went live on Friday, 31 August, so I spent the long weekend playing. I probably spent a little too much time playing Guild Wars, because by the time Monday evening rolled around, I was out of steam.

This is the Eye of the North, one of the first few outposts you reach upon your arrival in the Far Shiverpeaks:

Eye of the North
The surrounding area, Ice Cliff Chasms, is very beautiful place:

Statue in Ice Cliff Chasms
Here’s a picture of the Siege Devourer my character was riding around Grothmar Wardowns and Dalada Uplands, two areas in the Charr Homelands north of Ascalon:

Riding a Siege Devourer in Grothmar Wardowns
This is what it looks like from the player’s view:

View From Atop a Siege Devourer
Siege Devourers are so much fun. Their Devourer Siege attack fills me with joy. They’re like great big walking catapults. I can understand the appeal of the Elementalist Profession now.

Here’s a picture of Grothmar Wardowns. Reminds me of Ascalon before The Searing. Ah, memories:

Grothmar Wardowns
I reached Rank 3 on my Ebon Vanguard Title. I’m not interested in purchasing any of the armours in GW: EN for my Necromancer. You need to hit a certain rank in order to buy armour from the Ebon Vanguard, Norn, Dwarven, and Asura merchants in GW: EN. I do want her to get a high rank with the Ebon Vanguard, though, because that’s what she would do. However, in light of the fact that none of the new Necromancer GW: EN armours appeal to me, I have recently decided to get her Elite Sunspear Armour. Earning reputation points goes hand in hand with earning gold for this expensive armour set.

Gwen has quickly become one of my favourite Heroes, because of her link to past events. She personalises the Searing more than the other NPCs because she’s tied more closely to your character. If you saved the Tapestry Shred which you obtained from little girl Gwen during your time in Pre-Searing Ascalon, you receive a special quest. If you have a Red Iris Flower or a Tattered Girl’s Cape (no longer drops, but used to be found in Stingray Strand in Kryta) in your inventory and speak to Gwen she will give you another quest. The quest rewards are a couple of unique Mesmer items.

I’m really glad I chose Mesmer as my Secondary Profession. It means that I have so many more options when equipping Gwen with Skills. Ditto with Olias and his Necromancer Skills. They’re both mainstays of my party now.

The burning forest in Sacnoth Valley is really irritating because the enemies there are difficult and numerous. I hate the Burning Spirits! It took me an hour and a half to complete two quests there. I had died countless numbers of times. It was very frustrating, but I didn’t want to map out to start over without Death Penalty. Enemies don’t resurrect infinitely, and my party does. However, apparently this is the best place to farm Ebon Vanguard reputation points, so I shall be back. I have no screen shots because I was too frustrated to pause and admire the pretty forest fire. It is stunning though.

I am probably going to stay in the Charr Homelands with my Necromancer until I finish absolutely everything there is to do here (and I get a high enough rank with the Vanguard), then I’ll move on to the other quests.

My Warrior, who has completed Factions, will likely take the Asura quests in Eye of the North so she can get enough reputation points with them to get the new Warrior Asuran Armour, which is a nice re-skin of her current Elite Kurzick Armour. After she gets that, she’ll return to Cantha to finish up her (numerous) quests there.

My Paragon, who has not completed Nightfall, may go for the Monument Armour from the Ebon Vanguard or the Asuran Armour from the Asura, but I haven’t decided yet. Regardless, I do have to get Rank 5 with either group before I can get them to craft armour for me. If he does get armour from GW: EN, he will return to his homeland of Elona to finish up Nightfall. I dislike unfinished business.

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  1. bish
    4 September 2007 at 12:16

    GW:EN = good times.

    ArenaNet has really given me a great package w/ this release and I’m struggling to balance time spent w/ my lovable kids and wife with the amount of time I’d love to spend in the Far Shiverpeaks. This expansion is so rich with detail… from the visuals to the things you can do/persue.

    Good luck w/ your rank/hunting. Hope to see more screenshots from you soon.

  2. 4 September 2007 at 14:08

    I like the fact that the “grind” is entirely up to the player. If I didn’t care about reputation with the Ebon Vanguard or about new armours, I’m completely free to skip that part of the game and just complete quests. Since I’ve chosen to work on my Ebon Vanguard rank, I’m hardly in a position to complain too much… But I will say that Siege Devourers make killing things a lot faster. :)

  3. 4 September 2007 at 17:30

    I only played like 2 hours of GWEN today. I had to stop cause there was this mission related to finding the Ebon, I couldn’t beat the shaman charr boss and his four others. Damn that rezzing! Any tips?

    I should be spending a lot more time with it this weekend, and also during the week if I have a bit of time between all the things I need to get done.

    And I FINALLY got my screencaps from various games uploaded online so I could write an entry on my gaming blog with them!

  4. 5 September 2007 at 08:44

    Hi there! Thanks for visiting!

    I specced Gwen to be mainly an interrupt Domination Mesmer with Mantra of Recovery as her Elite. My Gwen also has some Inspiration Skills equipped. Since a lot of Elementalist and Ritualists have relatively slow-casting spells, interrupting them helps mitigate their damage-dealing (and buffing for Ritualists) powers.

    I also have Desecrate Enchantments on my Necro, which will help against Elementalists, Dervishes, Monks, and Ritualists. I’ve noticed that the enemies now have two Professions — either that or their Monks are doing a better job of putting Enchantments on their Warriors — so Desecrate Enchantments will help with spike damage against those guys too.

    Atrophy may also be helpful for reducing the effectiveness of the enemies’ Skills.

    If you are a Mesmer, anything that helps you resist Fire will also help against those pesky Charr Elementalists.

    Also, if you’ve got Olias or another Necro Hero, making them a Minion Master will help a lot by distracting the casters and other enemies away from you (speaking as a spellcaster). I use this build for my Olias: Even though I don’t have any of the armour mods on him, he’s still an effective MM.

    Those are just some ideas from looking at my Skills and tactics. I’m sure there are more that are as effective (or more effective).

    GWWiki for looking up stuff:

    Hope that’s useful! :)

  5. 6 September 2007 at 08:42

    If you need to interrupt spellcasters, consider Lo Sha or Zho as your henchmen picks. The latter is especially brilliant as a spellstopper.

  6. 8 September 2007 at 23:11

    Hi! Would anyone have a good DP build for my Pyre Fierceshot and Ogden Stonehealer? And a Interrupt/Bone Minione M/N for Gwen.


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