My Minipet Collection

I have a few.

My Minipet Collection - September 2007
 I’d like to trade my extra Fire Imp for a different Year Two minipet, but I can’t be bothered to stand around in town spamming the Trade Channel.

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  1. bigwig
    27 September 2007 at 03:11

    0 money in the bank? :(

  2. 27 September 2007 at 05:17

    A very impressive collection. I’m not very well informed when it comes to mini-pets but that Kuunavang must be the most valuable of the lot. Or has the Destroyer of Flesh surpassed the Big K?

    I don’t see myself spending much time collecting stuff in GW until ArenaNet come up with specifics about GW2 character inheritances.

  3. 27 September 2007 at 07:48

    bigwig: I keep my money with individual characters. :-)

    Gobi: Yes, I think Kuunavang is worth the most there. I haven’t found an updated pricing guide, so the Destroyer might be worth more.

    These are pets I got from my characters’ birthdays, special events (Pig, Grawl), Collector’s Editions (Kuunavang, Varesh), and buying special magazines (Gray Giant, Asura, Destroyer). I haven’t done any extraordinary wheeling and dealing in town, though I did trade a Jade Armor I originally got as a present for that Temple Guardian there.

    I haven’t yet put anything in my Hall of Monuments, because I also want to see more details on inheritances.

  4. SLabyrinth
    27 September 2007 at 08:25

    Very nice collection. As you are somewhat of a Guild Wars expert, would you consider diong a post on some… I suppose tips and tricks of the game?

  5. 27 September 2007 at 08:27

    SLabyrinth: I don’t consider myself an expert, but I suppose there are some helpful tricks I’ve picked up along the way that may be useful to people. I’ll have a think to see what I can come up with.

  6. 27 September 2007 at 09:20

    I have mine here:

    I have an extra of the second one down if you are looking.

  7. bish
    27 September 2007 at 10:12

    Ooh… would you be interested in trading one of your Fire Imps for one of my Juggernauts?

  8. 28 September 2007 at 17:56

    bish: Actually, yeah. Those Juggernauts do look cool. Catch me in-game at some point, or feel free to contact me to set up a time to trade. :)

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