The Northern Shiverpeaks Await

I’m typing this from my desktop computer. It feels good to be back.

Going to increase my Guild Wars playing time very soon. Meanwhile, here is a screenshot from the new Guild Wars: Eye of the North character selection menu.

Necromancer - Gazing at the Sun
Pretty, huh?

[More character screenshots]

  6 comments for “The Northern Shiverpeaks Await

  1. bish
    2 August 2007 at 11:45

    Nice shots. I love the new login screen. The shiverpeaks were always my favorite area to quest in. And that fire is amazing! Best looking fire I’ve seen in a game.

    Your Necro looks great… you lookin’ forward to the new armor?

  2. 2 August 2007 at 11:48

    I’ve been hoping for some new Necro armour that appeals to me, but so far I haven’t seen anything that I really wanted in Factions or Nightfall. Maybe I will find something in GW: EN.

  3. bigwig
    2 August 2007 at 16:09

    This will be the last chance i have to find elementalist armour that is actually acceptable.

  4. 3 August 2007 at 02:48

    Guild Wars is always pretty :)

  5. 4 August 2007 at 18:17

    Beautiful screenshots, well done.

  6. 5 August 2007 at 09:35

    Thanks, Foton.

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