PAX: The OneUps

The only music concert I attended last night was the opening act: The OneUps. They’re one of my favourite videogame music remix bands, and if you haven’t bought their music, you should. Right now. Before it goes out of print again.

Mustin, the OneUps' Producer

I missed the first 30 minutes of the show, unfortunately. Anyway, the show was really great, but the acoustics in the hall were not so great. I don’t think the band sounded as good as they could have. This was my main problem with the performances. Freezepop sounded less than stellar in this live setting. I overheard one person say that they must have turned the “suck dial all the way up” for Freezepop. I definitely think that the performances with vocals sounded much worse than the acts that did not have singing.

Some of The OneUps’ standout performances were:

  • Silent Hill 2
  • Final Fantasy VI (Terra’s theme)
  • Wii Mii theme, complete with Miis of Mustin, Dale North, and Penny Arcade’s Gabe and Tycho playing Wii Tennis

I spoke to Mustin earlier in the afternoon at their booth. When he found out that my handle on the internet is “Brinstar” he told me they’d be playing that theme at their show later that night. Sadly, it must have been during the first 30 minutes, because I missed it. Now I have to go back to their booth and ask them which Brinstar theme it was, as there are four: two from Metroid and two from Super Metroid.

The OneUps Play at PAX 4

Not all of the songs they played, most notably themes from recent videogames (Silent Hill 2, God of War), are actually on their The OneUps Volume 1 CD, so I’m hoping for a new release soon.

One of my cohorts commented that they are a Nintendo-centric band. It’s kind of true. Whilst they did play mostly old school Nintendo songs they do have a CD called The Very Best of Sega and they have a Yasunori Mitsuda tribute CD as well. Their Xenogears Light re-arrangement CD is very good. I’ve never played Xenogears, but I have heard some of the theme music. The music found on this disc is very enjoyable.

I totally did not think of bringing my OneUps CD for the band to sign. Doh. That’s all right. Being able to see them live is more important than getting a piece of paper signed.


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