PAX: ArenaNet/Guild Wars Booth

Guild Wars Booth at PAX 2007

The first stop of my day was the ArenaNet booth. As a Guild Wars Super Fan Contest winner, I was instructed to speak to Gaile Gray, Guild Wars Community Relations Manager, so that she could give me and my guest our VIP passes to tomorrow’s ArenaNet party.

VIP Pass to the Guild Wars Party on August 25

I was in for a surprise. In addition to the VIP passes, the Super Fan winners were given a prize pack containing: a Guild Wars Nightfall t-shirt, a full set of this year’s Guild Wars Skill pins, a Guild Wars Factions promo folder, a Guild Wars: Eye of the North poster, and a Guild Wars hat. Unfortunately, the t-shirt is size extra large, which absolutely will not fit me unless I want to wear a heather grey Guild Wars dress. Gaile Gray said that it might be possible to swap the shirt for a smaller size tomorrow. Also, there was an ArenaNet photographer present when I opened the prize pack, and he snapped pictures of the moment. I think the more photogenic winners will be chosen and their pictures will probably be put somewhere on the Guild Wars website after all of this is over.

Guild Wars Super Fan 2007 Prize Pack

The Guild Wars booth contained a display previewing Guild Wars merchandise. Guild Wars has no merchandise for purchase by fans, which is a disappointment to those of us who would love to wear a t-shirt showing off our fandom. In the display were diagrams of future merchandise, including mugs and t-shirts. There were also Guild Wars papercraft models on display. The papercraft models included: chibi Gwen, regular and black Moa Birds, and the Bone Dragon. I was told by an ArenaNet staffer that they would be available on the website this Autumn, but he was not more specific. Also on display were various industry and consumer awards that Guild Wars has won.

Preview of Guild Wars Mecrchandise

Guild Wars T-Shirt Preview 1

Guild Wars T-Shirt Preview 2

Guild Wars Papercraft

More Guild Wars Merchandise Previewed

Awards for Guild Wars:

Awards for Guild Wars

A Guild Wars fan made a plush Charr:

Charr Plushie

Later on, Guild Wars concept artists were at the booth to hand out and sign art prints.

Signed Guild Wars Prints

The booth also had a space for Guild Wars demos and competitions.

The Guild Wars Booth at PAX

So that was the Guild Wars booth.

Right now, I am in my hotel room, blogging (and resting). I’ll be heading out again soon.

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