PAX 2007 Pics

Compiled into two photosets for your viewing pleasure: ArenaNet/Guild Wars related and everything else.

I didn’t feel a great need to take pictures of most of the things in the Exhibit Hall. They were fairly unimpressive, and to be honest most of the stuff there was of small interest to me. Big Daddy statue? Yawn. Just look at pictures of the little action figure and imagine a 6-foot tall version. White sofas at Microsoft’s booth? Boring. I suppose I could have taken pictures of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, but you can find higher quality screen shots elsewhere.

Cosplay costumes at PAX made a poor showing in terms of numbers of people in costume. There were about four interesting costumes, maybe six or seven if you include a couple of exhibitors. Compared to anime convention cosplayers, videogaming convention cosplayers are total newbs.

  2 comments for “PAX 2007 Pics

  1. 1 September 2007 at 12:23

    You got some great pictures of the concerts. I also had planned on getting some shots of various people dressed up but was surprised at the lack of them present. I assumed it would be less than an event like Comic-Con but still, … I saw some guy dressed up as Princess Peach though. That made me laugh a bit. :)

  2. 1 September 2007 at 13:58

    I’ve never been to ComicCon, but the cosplay pics I see from there are usually plentiful and amazing.

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