PAX 2007: Badge Delivery

My badge for the Penny Arcade Expo 2007 arrived today:

PAX 2007 Badge

A flyer from ArenaNet was also included in the package:

 PAX 2007 ArenaNet Flyer - Front

On the back are details of ArenaNet’s activities at the convention:

PAX 2007 ArenaNet Flyer - Back

The other promotional material was largely uninteresting. The only other thing that caught my eye was a flyer from Bandai Namco telling me to go to their booth to play some games. The command was plastered over a picture of Naruto and company.

It’s interesting that this convention delivers badges to attendees. I think Otakon stopped doing pre-con badge delivery well before they hit 5 000 attendees. I have been on Otakon Staff since 1999, so I have some behind-the-scenes knowledge of this particular anime convention. Otakon is run by a non-profit corporation, and as far as I know, Penny Arcade is for-profit. Penny Arcade probably has more money, relatively speaking, to play around with. I’m interested in seeing how this convention is run. I can never go to a convention without squinting critically at their operations.