As the Super Fan 2007 winners arrived and Gaile Gray presented us with our prize packs, a photographer was standing by to capture the moment. I wrote earlier that I expected these photos to be posted on the Guild Wars website soonish. I was correct.

I thought they were going to pick photogenic people, but they didn’t so my picture is on the Guild Wars website now, in their PAX 2007 gallery.

I look like a complete moron, but the taller of the two men behind me looks even more a fool… What I was saying in this picture was something along the lines of, “Oh cool, a Guild Wars hat! It’s too bad I don’t really wear hats!” The photographer took about three pictures of me, and I guess this was the best of the bunch.

  5 comments for “O HAI IM ON THE INTERNETS

  1. Fenn
    25 August 2007 at 04:48

    You’re not photogenic? I’m sure 100 geeky guys looking at that site would beg to differ!

  2. 25 August 2007 at 06:22

    I’m possibly one of the most unphotogenic people on Earth. Seriously, our Matron wanted to apply makeup as a countermeasure to the wedding. There’s a serious undead or psycho vibe to many of the pictures taken of me.

    You come out pretty well there. Least it looks like you’re almost smiling instead of … apparently considering devouring the person next to you.

  3. 26 August 2007 at 01:37

    Candid shots and most shots of my smile attempts usually turn out wrong in my eyes. I can be pretty self-conscious, which is why I don’t have lots of public pictures of myself on the internet. :-)

  4. 26 August 2007 at 10:08

    I hate getting my picture taken. I always look either goofy or petulant. And I can’t smile on cue.

    So, of course, I need to have a headshot taken for my new magazine gig.

    You, on the other hand, look great. And by the sound of it, PAX was a lot of fun.

  5. I Fail @ Monk
    4 September 2007 at 01:15

    haha woot I made it into the album as well ^_^

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